[Letter Dinai'n (D--Number 4]

THE CUBIC STONE: Realisation

The Emperor

    D--4 expresses, in the divine world, the perpetual and hierarchical realisation of the virtues contained in the absolute Being: in the intellectual world, the realisation of the ideas of the contingent Being by the quadruple effort of the spirit: Affirmation, Negation, Discussion, Solution: in the physical world, the realisation of the actions directed by the knowledge of Truth, the love of Justice, the strength of the Will and the work of the Organs.     Arcanum IV is represented by a man wearing a helmet surmounted by a crown. He is seated on a cubical stone. His right hand holds a sceptre and his right leg is bent and rests on the other in the form of a cross. The cubical stone, image of the perfect solid, signifies the accomplishment of human labours. The crowned helmet is the emblem of the strength that conquers power. This dominating figure holds the sceptre of Isis, and the stone which serves him as a throne signifies conquered matter. The cross described by the position of his limbs symbolises the four elements and the expansion of human power in every direction.

    Remember, Son of Earth, that nothing can resist a firm will, which has as its support the knowledge of the true and the just. The struggle to realise these things is more than a right, it is a duty. The man who triumphs in this struggle does no more than accomplish his mission here on earth; he who succumbs in his devotion to the cause acquires immortality. If Arcanum IV appears in your horoscope, it signifies that the realisation of your hopes depends on a being more powerful than yourself: seek and                                                             find him, and he will be your support.

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