[Letter Gomor (G--Number 3


The Empress

    G--3 expresses, in the divine world, the supreme Power balanced by the eternally active Mind and by absolute Wisdom: in the intellectual world, the universal fecundity of the supreme Being: in the physical world, Nature in labour, the germination of the acts that are to spring from the Will.

    Arcanum III is represented by a woman seated at the centre of a blazing sun; she is crowned by twelve stars and her feet rest on the moon. She is the personification of universal fecundity. The sun is the emblem of creative strength; the crown of stars symbolises, by the number in, the houses or stations through which the sun travels year after year. This woman, celestial Isis or Nature, carries a sceptre surmounted by a globe: it is the sign of her perpetual activity over things born and unborn. On her other hand she bears an eagle, symbol of the heights to which spirit may soar. The moon beneath her feet signiftes the weakness of matter and its domination by the Spirit.

    Remember, son of Earth, that to affirm what is true and to desire what is just is half-way towards creating those things; to deny them is to condemn oneself to destruction. If Arcanum III manifests itself among the signs of your horoscope, you may hope for success in your enterprises, provided that you know how to unite productive activity with the rectitude of spirit that makes your labours bear fruit.

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